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  • Structured Network Solution
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Kabelinx Technique Sdn Bhd ( KTSB ) offers the client a design, installation and commissioning service for structured cabling as part of its telecommunications solutions. Offering great experience and expertise in copper based systems; Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 for 10G transmission.

To compliment the passive side of your infrastructure we also support active network equipment including wireless networks and modern VOIP solutions. Cabling is one of the most critical elements in our client's network infrastructure, supporting computer, voice, audio and visual applications yet it is often the most neglected or misunderstood.

Many people install cabling as and when it's required. This usually results in a haphazard, expensive and inflexible cabling systems. Structured Cabling provides a planned cabling infrastructure within your building or home — from where the line comes from your telecom providers' network or private circuit connection terminates at your premises, up to your users' desktops. It can be used to interconnect anything within your building that communicates with the outside world or with other devices on your LAN. Structured Cabling supports all ISDN, computer and voice applications, and most video applications, in one system.


A Structured Cabling solution can grow with your business and adapt to meet your future requirements. Sockets can be installed at as many points as you might need, giving you the freedom to move people and add new equipment whenever you want, with little disruption and without the need for specialist expertise or additional expense.


Kabelinx Technique Sdn Bhd ( KTSB ) has a wide offering of cable management solutions for both copper and fiber installations. Products include vertical and horizontal cable managers, rear cable managers, and the comprehensive Fiber Solution. Each solution provides effective support and organization of cables, patch cords, and other necessary equipment improving overall network management. We provide the services to re-organize the cables and to facilitate efficient moves, adds, and changes.